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Christmas Eve 2016

Phone journaling my moments starting now on this blog. 

This my tree. This will be a personal blog like a journal of moments without long essays like my other Spiritual political activism blogs. This one is via my phone and one finger typing! 

It Is Christmas Eve in Maui. This was at beach in Paia one hour ago i was saying a prayer and wrote OM LAMA in the sand to send greetings to Lama Gyaltsen, Dalai Lama and all Lama’s at the same time. I sent it to him in India. It was fun writing in the sand. 

 Also wrote OM JESUS. Love is One. I visited my Auntie Rachel and had Peace love & Jesus political talks with her neighbors. They blessed my upcoming trip to see His Holiness Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya soon. I hope all have a heart opening Holiday and upcoming year. Peace on Earth Goodwill to man.ūüĆŹūüôŹ

julie christine



Blogging 101: Why do I blog?

I blog because I know through social media  we are all contributing to shifting our mass consciousness and our activities affecting the quality of life for others on Earth.

I blog because I know we can do better than war, terror, famine, and militarization as any Nation. I blog to share my heart energy & intelligence with others. I blog because I believe in the potential of our Heart power as a We the People so I give it voice through writing for the Statue of Liberty.

I blog because I truly deeply care  and it helps me feel like I am at least trying to be a voice for those without freedoms or for the land and animals who need us to be their voice.

I blog because it’s free and it’s free speech that contributes to the whole and I know every drop of light and good intentions we do on a blog does help our world in ways we may not even see yet.

I blog because I know we are interconnected and I love, love, so blogging about love is health care for my (our) heart. I blog because I want to build authentic heart connection with others. Thank you wordpress and blogging 101 to help me connect with others and write from my heart.


Valentine for the troops

Troops of all Nations

I write to you as one

you are all human brothers

coming from the same Sun

a spark of light brought you here

But we are caught in a cycle of fear

humans locked in iron chains

of weapons and gun

is no life for Earth’s precious son’s.

My Valentine wish for you all to receive

is an opportunity to be free

To train in brotherly love communication

For the brothers of all Nations

Politcs and Peace – weekly writing challenge

My intention for this blog is to answer daily writing challenge questions from

Ijust read the weekly writing challenge to write about Government and what we think the ‘State of the State should be.¬† OK.¬† I think the state of the state should be love.¬† and don’t think that is not a grounded answer.¬† please, here me out.¬† The Government is like a parent¬†system that cares for the people¬†and if that parent is not grounded in Love and care then the cititzens or children will suffer.

Nonviolence is key to true and authentic freedom.¬† Until we structure Governments rooted in nonviolent principles — we will never be authentically free.¬† Whatever freedoms are experienced are short term.¬† So, I think death and taxes and paying billions for a national insecurity fund to pay human beings to waste their time in battle when they could be doing a billion other helpful activities on this planet is out dated and ready to change.

The Daily post at wrote that they assumed that most of us don’t mind paying taxes for national security.¬† Well, I do.¬† so i don’t.¬† I think fueiling fear and violence only makes them grow – and i don’t think making war in another land brings security or liberation to anyone.¬† Bearing arms brothers to brothers across this planet is not what i want my money to fund or fuel.

Tonight i¬†participated in beautiful Jewish tradition of Passover dinner called Sadaar recounting the sufferings of the Jews and I thougth how all of humanity suffers from fueling fear and violence as our life support. ¬†We enslave ourselves to the past until we do something different in the present. ¬†Its very sad to witness the pattern repeating….but deep down we all want freedom and love to prevail in our world. ¬†Its one thing we humans have in common.¬† The desire to be

free.¬†¬†I¬†thought about Tibet. ¬†I thought about a Friends of Nations Global movement of citizens funding the activities and businesses they believe in….I thought about love being the guiding force of our human driven Governments

Tibet in my heart

Today is March 10  the day of Tibetan uprising in 1959.    Every day i think about the Heart of Humanity and how we can shift out of harming each other and into helping and healing each other.  So many humans across the planet are also feeling these things too. 

Healthcare for the Heart.  How do we heal and awaken to feel more love for life and each other? 

what i have experienced in my heart links me to every other human being too.  We all are experiencing life and we all have experienced wounding in our hearts.  A closed or wounded heart is more susceptible to hurting others and more able to hurt others without feeling remorse.  An extreme example of this is Chinese soldiers beating to death an already burning to death Tibetan as they are trying to nonviolently appeal to the world to help stop the physical and cultural genocide happening in Tibet. 

Top 108 reasons I raise the Flag of Tibet in America

1.  Because It is a direct communication of support to His Holiness the Dalai Lama

3.  Because the Flag represents Nonviolence, Compassion and Enlightenment Awakened Love teachings for all beings

4.  Because the Sun in the Center of the Flag is a Light to end the Dark Ages and  all beings get touched by the sun 

5.  Because it is a prayer:  the Sun in the middle of the flag represents the Golden Age to me Рflying the flag says to me that we shall live IN the Light of the World Рwe Live as living light Рas our human right Рand lay down our firearms.

6.  It says I love you and shows respect to Tibet near and far! 

7.  It is a way of Showing respect for the people of Tibet who have upheld and live the human virtues of nonviolence while Violence invaded carrying the name People’s Republic of China government

8.  It could be a way of announcing the 2009 Spiritual Olympics of World Peace 

9.¬† it’s a way of being a candle on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday cake of ‘we the people’ of Earth – wherever we are on the symbolic World Peace Cake.

10.  It says Peace is the value of humanhood we commit to as individuals. 

11.  It says we want His Holiness to celebrate his Birthday in his Potala Palace this year.  China Military can lay down their weapons and allow The Royal Procession to Return to Tibet and escot Our King of Peace to his Palace as a birthday present from we the people of Humanity.

12.  The flag represents LOVE

13.  Seeing Love flags fly with real people who are United and represent World Peace will grow good feelings inside us Рas the numbers of people raising the flag grows Рso do the good feelings.

14.¬†To be continued…