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Tibet in my heart

March 10, 2013

Today is March 10  the day of Tibetan uprising in 1959.    Every day i think about the Heart of Humanity and how we can shift out of harming each other and into helping and healing each other.  So many humans across the planet are also feeling these things too. 

Healthcare for the Heart.  How do we heal and awaken to feel more love for life and each other? 

what i have experienced in my heart links me to every other human being too.  We all are experiencing life and we all have experienced wounding in our hearts.  A closed or wounded heart is more susceptible to hurting others and more able to hurt others without feeling remorse.  An extreme example of this is Chinese soldiers beating to death an already burning to death Tibetan as they are trying to nonviolently appeal to the world to help stop the physical and cultural genocide happening in Tibet. 

Top 108 reasons I raise the Flag of Tibet in America

1.  Because It is a direct communication of support to His Holiness the Dalai Lama

3.  Because the Flag represents Nonviolence, Compassion and Enlightenment Awakened Love teachings for all beings

4.  Because the Sun in the Center of the Flag is a Light to end the Dark Ages and  all beings get touched by the sun 

5.  Because it is a prayer:  the Sun in the middle of the flag represents the Golden Age to me – flying the flag says to me that we shall live IN the Light of the World – we Live as living light – as our human right – and lay down our firearms.

6.  It says I love you and shows respect to Tibet near and far! 

7.  It is a way of Showing respect for the people of Tibet who have upheld and live the human virtues of nonviolence while Violence invaded carrying the name People’s Republic of China government

8.  It could be a way of announcing the 2009 Spiritual Olympics of World Peace 

9.  it’s a way of being a candle on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday cake of ‘we the people’ of Earth – wherever we are on the symbolic World Peace Cake.

10.  It says Peace is the value of humanhood we commit to as individuals. 

11.  It says we want His Holiness to celebrate his Birthday in his Potala Palace this year.  China Military can lay down their weapons and allow The Royal Procession to Return to Tibet and escot Our King of Peace to his Palace as a birthday present from we the people of Humanity.

12.  The flag represents LOVE

13.  Seeing Love flags fly with real people who are United and represent World Peace will grow good feelings inside us – as the numbers of people raising the flag grows – so do the good feelings.

14. To be continued…



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