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Blogging 101: Why do I blog?

August 3, 2015

I blog because I know through social media  we are all contributing to shifting our mass consciousness and our activities affecting the quality of life for others on Earth.

I blog because I know we can do better than war, terror, famine, and militarization as any Nation. I blog to share my heart energy & intelligence with others. I blog because I believe in the potential of our Heart power as a We the People so I give it voice through writing for the Statue of Liberty.

I blog because I truly deeply care  and it helps me feel like I am at least trying to be a voice for those without freedoms or for the land and animals who need us to be their voice.

I blog because it’s free and it’s free speech that contributes to the whole and I know every drop of light and good intentions we do on a blog does help our world in ways we may not even see yet.

I blog because I know we are interconnected and I love, love, so blogging about love is health care for my (our) heart. I blog because I want to build authentic heart connection with others. Thank you wordpress and blogging 101 to help me connect with others and write from my heart.



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